Healthcare Rights

Being aware of and understanding your healthcare rights is an important aspect of using Australia’s health system. Restore Dental is committed to upholding all levels of these patient rights, providing need-to-know details for your information below.


Your Healthcare Rights


You are entitled to healthcare opportunities that meet your specific needs; everyone is a unique individual, which is why healthcare is an essential right and essential part of a healthy life.


You have a right to a high standard of care that is always practiced in a safe comfortable environment and ensures you always feel taken care of.


You have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and consideration. Respecting patient rights includes honoring your culture, identity, beliefs and choices at all times.


You have the right to unambiguous and direct communication concerning services, treatment options and costs. You have complete access to your health details and must be told when something has gone wrong. This includes being told how it happened, how it impacts your health and the measure being taken to provide for your safety.


You are entitled to ask questions and make decisions based on open and honest information. You may include anyone you wish in your planning and decision making process.


You have the right to privacy. Your health information must be kept private, safeguarded and completely confidential.


You have the right to give feedback or make a complaint. Your concerns must be addressed and cannot impact the care being provided. Comments will be handled transparently, professionally and in a timely manner.


Why Knowing Your Healthcare Rights is Important

Making informed choices means being fully aware of all the elements impacting your health choices. Clear and open communication not only helps you but also helps improve the care provided. Honouring your beliefs and culture ensures the healthcare system treats you with the dignity and respect deserved.

Our North Brisbane dental team team is dedicated to upholding all your rights. We welcome any and all enquiries regarding your treatment. For more details, please visit the  Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care site which provides a variety of educational and informative resources that detail consumer rights, standards and other helpful healthcare related information.


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