Dental Fear Treatment

Does the thought of going to the dentist send cold shivers down your spine?

Do you avoid dental treatment until you are in severe pain?

Do you want to access new technology to treat this problem from home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our specialist resource developed solely to combat dental fear and anxiety is the perfect solution for you. Carefully co-constructed with Regina Rowlinson, this resource will help you break free from your anxiety with a new, healthy, and positive outlook on dental treatment.

By taking a few minutes each day to watch our self-empowerment video, you will work towards the re-establishment of understanding the vital role dentistry plays in everyone’s life. Through cognitive therapy in the form of video programs, this powerful tool will reduce your dental anxiety, allowing you to take charge of your oral health in a practical and meaningful manner.

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What is dental fear?

Most people can live with having some anxiety about visiting the dentist. For others, just the thought of visiting or even making the first phone call to the dentist is so terrifying that they will do just about anything to avoid a dental appointment.  It is not unusual to be anxious about undergoing dental treatment. Dental anxiety issues only become a problem if the fear prevents you from seeing a dentist.

If you wish to schedule a consultation to help treat dental anxiety, make a booking online or call 07 3483 2000 now.

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How can Restore Dental help people overcome their Dental fear?

At Restore Dental, we utilise a combination of environmental, communication and minimally invasive techniques to enhance your experience. Incorporating soothing music, aromatherapy, noise cancelling headphones and breathing exercises. We make every effort to ensure a smooth and relaxing process for all our patients.

The entire process, from your initial phone call to your first visit to the practice, you will be attended to and cared for by a caring and respectful team of dental professionals who will listen to your individual needs before beginning treatment. At Restore Dental, the comfort you experience during the treatment, not just the end result, is so important to us.

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We care & we listen.

We are passionate about helping dental fear patients. We allow ample time for your first visit, we will never rush you, and we will always take the time to listen to your concerns. We never judge our patients, and we always aim to exceed your expectations. We want to treat you how we would like to be treated.

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You are always in control.

Making that first phone call or walking into the clinic is a tremendous leap for dental phobic patients. You have made the very first step in managing your fear, and we want you to continue to be in control of your journey with us. You do not have to have dental treatment at your first visit. We can just talk and discuss your fears and concerns and expected outcomes or needs. When you are ready, during your treatment appointments we use hand signals to indicate to your dentist when to pause and take a break.

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Take small steps.

Just as you would test the temperature of the water with your feet before leaping into the pool, you should also take a measured approach to overcoming your dental anxiety. Start slow. Begin with a phone call.

When you are ready schedule a consultation. This will help you start to build a relationship with your dentist. The first building blocks to a trusting connection. Let the receptionist and dentist know that you are struggling with a dental phobia and ask for their advice.

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Ask questions and engage in effective communication

Knowing about your treatment can give you a sense of control over your situation in the dental practice. Explanation and understating the nature of the care you will receive can be very helpful.

Be honest with your dentist regarding how much treatment you think you can tolerate in one visit. The length of your appointment and the amount of work accomplished will increase as you build confidence in yourself and trust in the team that is caring for you.

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Use relaxation and distraction techniques.

If you feel tense in the chair, the easiest way to calm yourself is through forms of physical relaxation. Try practising some relaxation methods. Examples are diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. We can help you through these during treatment.

You can focus on the relaxing visuals on the TV on the ceiling above you and listen to the music playing in the room. We can even provide you with noise cancelling headphones if you wish.

We recommend “The Secret to Dental Confidence” to help those who struggle with dental anxiety.

We believe that this is one of the most powerful tools available to treat dental anxiety.  It is quick and easy for the participant to view each day. The process is non-confrontational, independently administered, and simple to use taking only 4 minutes to view. The tools used in this self-empowerment cinematography film, as outlined in the theory of Neuroplasticity, help retrain and reprogram the brains subconscious and automatic response. This training is accomplished by brain exercise and cognitive therapy, through the use of video programs with embedded affirmations.

Each day, participants take a few minutes to watch a special, self-empowerment video that helps to re-establish the positive role of dentistry in their lives.  The negative and unwanted beliefs and perceptions about dental treatment can be overwritten with a new, healthy, and positive response to dental care.  Many of our existing patients have already made dramatic and lasting improvements using this product that Ian has co-produced with Regina Rowlison.  For more information and to get the intervention, click the button below.

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