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Your Brisbane Dentist Committed to Delivering Holistic, Patient Focused Dentistry.

We understand the importance of oral health in your general health and wellbeing and are committed to delivering holistic, patient focused dentistry.

At Restore Dental, our team are passionate about providing a calm, reassuring environment where our patients receive quality, evidence-based dentistry while feeling comfortable, relaxed and cared for.

We believe in treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves so will ensure you have all the information you need to make the best choices for your long-term oral health.

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Our Brisbane Dentist Treatments & Services

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Fillings & Restorative

COVID-19 Safety Update

At Restore Dental and Prosthodontics our clients’ health and safety is always the top priority. We take a best practice approach to managing COVID-19 in alignment with Queensland Health directions and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) guidelines.   We have also taken additional measures as part of our COVID-19 safe plan to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe:

  • Medical grade air purifiers with HEPA Filters are used within the practice to capture airborne particles and inhibit the spread of airborne germs.
  • Availability of varying levels of protective equipment to meet the Australian Dental Association (ADA) guidelines
  • Pre rinsing prior to commencing dental treatment
  • Screening patients prior to arrival and requesting to reschedule those who are unwell, or who have been a possible contact.
  • All patients are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the practice
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We here to help and support our clients and their families to receive ongoing dental care. If you are uncertain about your status or an oncoming appointment or have any questions about our COVID-19 safe plan, please let us know.

We welcome family and friends to accompany our patients however during this time please keep visitors to a minimum to allow for social distancing.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

General Dentistry

General dentistry involves assessing and treating many common problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer. It’s important that you find a good general practitioner who is qualified in looking after a wide range of dental issues. Our Brisbane Dentist team have over 10 years’ experience treating all kinds of patients and are committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive care.

Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation

Dental care is crucial to the recovery process for patients who are undergoing radiation treatment to treat head or neck cancer or have done so recently. We know how difficult it can be to maintain your oral health during this time, which is why we provide you with comprehensive dental advice on how to manage your mouth in order to prevent serious side effects. If you require help with head and neck cancer recovery, give our North Brisbane Dental team a call today on 07 3483 2000.

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Dental Prosthodontics

Losing a tooth can severely the function of your mouth as well as confidence. This is why it’s important to find out what you are options are so you can get back to enjoying life with a beautiful smile. Here at Restore Dental, our team offer customised dental prosthodontics plans to help to improve the function of your teeth. This may involve full or partial dentures, crowns, veneers, or implants.

Diagnosis and Imaging

Perhaps the greatest development in dental diagnosis in recent years is the development of low dose 3 dimensional Cone Beam CT imaging.

At Restore Dental, our team have a state of the art CBCT machine which offers the best image quality on the market for use in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Scans take as little as 14 seconds with the images available almost instantly. Often, we can provide you with a precise diagnosis and discuss treatment options at your initial consultation appointment thus avoiding a trip to the imaging clinic and a further consultation appointment.

CBCT is particularly helpful in diagnosis of pain, endodontic treatment, and implant planning.

Meet the Team

BDSc (Hons)(UQ)

Since graduating with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1997, Ian has been general practice in the Brisbane CBD. Throughout his career, Ian has been mentored by specialist colleagues.

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BChD(Hons), MDSc, MFD RCSI, FDS (Rest Dent)RCSI

Stephen brings a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to the Restore team. Having graduated with Honours and winning the medal for most distinguished student of his year.

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BDSc (Hons)(UQ) MS(Marq U)

Dr Elliott has been in practice since graduating from UQ in 1983. After working for 3 years as a general dentist he moved to Milwaukee, USA in 1987 to complete a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics at Marquette University.

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Oral Health Therapist

Alice graduated with her Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Oral Health) from the University of Queensland. Alice’s dual training as a dental hygienist and therapist allows her to provide exceptional oral health care to her patients, and perform routine dentistry.

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BDSc (Hons) (UQ)

Dr Angela Pu graduated with honours from the University of Queensland. Prior to joining the team at Restore, she has practiced in both public and private clinics in Toowoomba, Dalby and Brisbane. 

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BDSc, MPhil, DClinDent (Pros), MRACDS (Pros)

Alana has been practicing dentistry for the last 10 years having completed her undergraduate degree in dentistry from the University of Queensland in 2012. After working for 4 years as a general dentist in private practice and completing a further research Masters degree (MPhil), she chose to specialise in Prosthodontics at the University of Sydney before returning back to her home roots in Brisbane. 

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BDSc (Qld)

Jacob graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Dental Science in 2012. He has spent the last ten years in respected private general dental practices in Brisbane and has gained an excellent reputation for providing high-quality dental care in an approachable, family-friendly setting. He is passionate about providing individually tailored dental care, which is inspired by his patient-first ethos and compassionate demeanour.

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Bachelor of Oral Health

Preethy is a warm and gentle person who is very easy to chat with. She provides preventative dental care to both adults and children. She particularly enjoys motivating patients to bring about positive changes in their oral health.

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North Brisbane Dental Clinic

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